Harman Kardon HKTS 15 Home Theater System Price in Pakistan

By: Harman Kardon

Model: HKTS 15


Availability: Out of stock New

Availability: Out of stock

  • 1 Powered Subwoofer
  • 1 Center Channel Speaker
  • 4 Satellite Speakers
  • 4 Leatherette Coasters
  • 4 Wall Mount Brackets
  • 1 15' RCA cable for connection to subwoofer (purple)
  • 1 15' mini-plug cable for use with external trigger input (black)
  • 3 20' speaker cables for connection to front satellites (red and white) and to center speaker (green)
  • 2 40' speaker cables for connection from receiver to rear satellites (gray and blue)
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Featuring an eye-catching high-gloss-black finish and a sleek design, the HKTS 15 would be a stunning centerpiece of any home theater system based on looks alone. But the HKTS 15 sounds even better than it looks. Using advanced speaker technology and featuring a powered subwoofer that will rattle your walls, the HKTS 15 will deliver an exciting and realistic theater experience in most moderate-sized rooms. It's the perfect system for stepping up your home theater experience from your television's speakers or a typical home theater in a box. And have you just taken the Blu-ray plunge? If so, the HKTS 15 delivers an incredible sound experience from today's latest high-definition sources like Blu-ray. And the HKTS 15 can integrate into nearly any decor. All the hardware for bracketing the speakers on the wall is included. Don't want to hang the speakers on your wall? Optional black speaker stands are available (HTFS 2); they blend into the satellite speakers for a sleek, seamless look. The HKTS 15 even gives you the ability to build toward an affordable 7.1 home theater. Add another pair of the optional satellite speakers (HKS 6), and that 7.1-channel home theater is just a step away.

In the Box

  • Powered Subwoofer
  • Center Channel Speaker
  • 4 Satellites
  • 4 Leatherette Coasters
  • 4 Wall-mount Brackets
  • 15' RCA Cable
  • 15" Mini plug Cable
  • 3 20' Speaker Cables
  • 2 40' Speaker Cable