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Choose the Right Marine Radar for Your Boat

Just a decade ago, marine radar systems were utilized and mounted only on large boats. They were bulky in size, non-compatible with small boats and not made for average systems. But as of today, the marine radars are system-friendly and readily available online.

The cutting-edge radar systems in Pakistan help the sailors to discern targets in the sea and avoid accidents.

Choose the Right Marine Radar System Online

The marine radar systems help you navigate in the sea when the visibility is extremely low. But selecting the right type of a radar system is a daunting task because you have to be specific about the technology incorporated in the device and the boat you are piloting.

A good marine radar system includes the following features:


Unlike traditional radar systems that had to be adjusted at every turn, a modern radar system available in Pakistan handles 90% of the adjustments required in most use cases. All you have to do is interpret what the bright color units on the display screen are denoting. Basic knowledge about the operation indications can help you determine the unrelatable rings displayed on the screen.

Efficient and Compact Design

A traditional marine radar system was costly, power-hungry, bulky and not suitable for smaller boats. The modern counterparts are budget-friendly for small boat operators, draw less power, and are compact.

Radar Domes vs. Open Arrays

The radar domes are better suited for smaller boats because they can be mounted on limited spaces and give superior resolution on most targets.

The open arrays have a rotating arm and require more space, as compared to radar domes. They are specifically designed for power boats with pilothouses and radar arches.


If you go sailing in choppy waters, it is best to get a radar system that withstands temporary submersion and heavy splashing.

A marine radar system with convenience, capability and range has improved the sailing experience immensely. All the features mentioned above provide excellent value for money. If you are clear about the requirement, you can never go wrong with the purchase.