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Which Transducer Should You Buy for Your Boat?

Having credible knowledge about the function and types of transducers can save you a lot of time and money. If you are a novice in fish hunting and here to buy a durable fish finder, keep moving forward.

Let’s Begin with the Basics – What Is a Transducer?

In simple terms, a transducer is a sensor that works to convert one signal into another by a shift in the form of energy. The transducers used in the boats reflect the sound pulse and convert it into useful data such as the structure and depth.

How Does a Transducer Help You in Fish Hunting?

Every fish has an air bladder that allows it to adjust to the pressure at different depths in the water. The gas in the bladder has a different density than the fish’s bones and flesh in the water. The transducer receives the sound waves caused by the drastic difference in the density. The echo sounder then receives the sound waves and displays the data to the hunter.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Transducer Online?

The selection process is quite difficult, despite going through fish finder GPS combo reviews online. Therefore, we have put together the main factors to ensure you have a seamless shopping experience with

Operational Frequency

The dual-frequency transducers work best for deep water fishing due to better resolution while the single-frequency transducers are good for shallow waters or fish hunting at coastal areas.


The transducers are made of durable Stainless steel, plastic or bronze. The material you select primarily depends upon the hull you are using. The plastic transducers are designed for alloy, steel and fiberglass hulls. On the other hand, bronze transducers are designed for wooden hulls as they resist expansion.

Output Power

A transducer with a high output power increases your chances to receive echo sounds in deep waters. The transducers with up to 1000 watts of output power are better for deeper canyons and drop-offs. On the other hand, you can use a 100-watt transducer for shallow waters.

Extra Capabilities

The transducers with extra capabilities provide a seamless fishing experience. For instance, the CHIRP technology in the transducer provides reduced noise, increased Separation of Target and superior Resolution Sonar.

With careful consideration and adequate research, you’d be able to buy a good transducer online and enjoy a lifetime of good fishing.