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Which Charger is the Best for your GPS Unit?

Vehicle GPS is a necessity in big cities as well as remote areas where one road leads to another. Whether you own a handheld GPS unit or use the navigation system of your smartphone, you need a vehicle mount for your convenience and safety.

A vehicle mount is the best device to keep a GPS in place while driving. has a wide variety of vehicle mounting options. Explore the different types of GPS vehicle tablet mounts defined below:

Windshield Suction Mount

The windshield suction mount keeps the GPS unit within the peripheral vision of the driver. This type of mount keeps the GPS unit close to the driver’s head. Therefore, he can hear the directions from the virtual assistant loud and clear. Moreover, the touchscreen of the GPS is also within the reach of the driver. You can refresh the pointer without looking away from the road.

However, there is one disadvantage of using a suction mount for tablet: Finger smudges and faint circles from constantly removing and placing the mount. If you are a clean freak who can’t stand finger smudges, try the adhesive disk for your car’s dashboard.

Adhesive Disk for Dashboard

Most of the vehicle GPS units come with an adhesive disk for dashboard. You can attach your GPS device to the dashboard with the help of a suction mount. The adhesive disks are best for cars with upright or steeply raked windshields. One benefit of using an adhesive disk for your dashboard is that it places the GPS closer to you for easy hearing and viewing of the directions.

However, there’s only one chance of placing this vehicle table mount on your car’s dashboard. Or else, the sticky residue might damage the finish of your dashboard.

Friction Vehicle Mount for GPS unit

Friction mounts are large-sized stands made of rubber and plastic to secure your GPS device. The large surface of the mount is either filled with gel or beanbag stuffing to retain the friction. As these mounts are only held because of friction, they might get damaged in a catastrophic accident.

Apart from the above-mentioned stands, we have sun visor mounts, cup holder mounts, and air vent mounts for holding your GPS unit in place while driving. If you are an enthusiast for discovering new places in your city, you need a GPS unit and its accessories to keep you going.