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Ways to Extend Your GPS Battery Life

A GPS unit can be a blessing if you are in the wild or on an adventure. However, its battery can get you into trouble if you don’t have a backup. Yes, electricity is the foundation of a modern and convenient life but it can be a liability in remote areas. If you have all the features switched on, its battery will drain out faster.

If you plan to use the GPS throughout the journey, it is best to keep a backup battery. The GPS unit batteries in Pakistan are quite affordable and easily available online.

Conduct a Battery Range Test

You can check the battery timing of your handheld or vehicle GPS by conducting a range test. Start the test by enabling all features and using the navigation computer as much as possible. To measure the maximum battery life, disable other features and use it until the battery dies. Now that you know the top end of your battery life, you can consider the following tips:

Keep a Backup GPS Battery Unit

The old battery pack of your handheld GPS unit might give all sorts of trouble during the journey. Therefore, it is best to keep a new pair of Lithium-ion batteries as a backup. If you don’t have a new one your backpack, browse the price of GPS unit batteries in Pakistan and get your most-awaited adventure started hassle-free.

Disable Other Features

Whenever you enable a feature in your vehicle or a cycling GPS unit, it eats up the battery. If you want to extend the battery’s timing, you can try disabling the electronic compass, GLONASS, WAAS, and the track record.

Enable the Battery-saving Mode

The battery-saving mode turns off the display when the GPS device is not in use. Note that it also disables the feature of WAAS.

Change the Touch Sensitivity Settings

The highest screen sensitivity settings allow you to use the GPS even with gloves on. However, this feature draws more power. To use the least amount of battery, keep the screen sensitivity settings to normal.

Close the Camera Application

Many GPS models have cameras to take mesmerizing pictures of the nature. However, the camera application keeps running in the back even after you have used it. Consequently, draining the battery. Quit or close the camera application properly after use.


With GLONASS, you get a faster location with increased accuracy in rocky terrains. As this system uses more satellites, it drains the device’s battery faster. On the other hand, the WAAS system uses multiple ground stations to increase the accuracy of your GPS. Disable both the features if your battery is about to die.

The key is to save your GPS battery during the journey in all possible ways before the inevitable happens. But it is always advised by experts to keep an extra battery ready in your backpack so that you can find your way back home.