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Best Cycling GPS Units for Training and Routing

The best GPS cycling units offer you a lot of data to track and improve your performance. It is now quite rare that the professional cyclists begin their journey without a GPS unit. If you are on your way to become a professional cyclist, which GPS unit should you buy online?

Most of the novice cyclists start from cycling GPS units that cost less than half the price of an average bike. However, the more you spend on the cycling computer, the more features you enjoy while riding your bike.

The best GPS cycling units offer everything in one touch – from total distance covered to GPS navigation. However, they are quite different than the handheld GPS units in a sense that they provide a high level of cycling data.

A high-quality GPS unit for cycling offers you navigation and mapping functionality with a sophisticated display. Gone are those days when cyclists used to buy GPS chargers and cables. The modern cycling GPS units are equipped with Bluetooth and ANT+ technology to connect to external devices.

Below are some of the best cycling GPS units of 2022 that you can buy from

Garmin 1030 Plus

The all-modern, all-dancing cycling GPS unit by Garmin that is best at everything. Although, Garmin is the best in the field of navigation, it is the mapping capability that has made 1030 Plus one of the best cycling computers in the market.

The touchscreen allows you to pinch, zoom in, and zoom out the map. Moreover, the off-road, turn-by-turn directions account for clear mapping. The device is quite user-friendly and takes less than three minutes for a novice user to set up. If it is your first-ever device, the GPS unit will retrieve data from Garmin Connect.

The off-road directions, accurate navigation, and safety features of the device are quite useful for any cyclist under training. The Garmin 1030 Plus cycling GPS unit is also packed with advanced attributes such as hydration alerts, nutrition notifications, and synced training plans.

Garmin Edge 130

Garmin Edge 130 is a simple yet capable GPS cycling computer with buttons instead of a touchscreen. Changing the data fields and setting up the device is quite easy, even for a newbie. The Bluetooth and ANT+ technology allows the unit to connect to peripheral devices such as heart rate monitors, power meters, and cadence sensors.

In short, it is an ideal GPS unit for those who want to push themselves and improve their performance.