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Why should you buy and install a dashcam in your vehicle?

A dashcam, short for a dashboard camera has been around for many years. This type of camera is mounted right on your car’s dashboard to record images, videos, and sounds while you are driving. The purpose of this car camera is to record every detail on the road. It is useful in showing evidence during the investigation of a road accident.

As of now, the dash cams are widely used across the globe by police officers, bus drivers, 18-wheeler drivers, instructors, and regular drivers. The dash cams in Pakistan are low in price yet packed with features. In addition, you can couple them with several onboard technologies, such as GPS devices, recorders, or vehicle health monitors to increase the car’s efficiency and visibility.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a dash cam from and install it in your car as soon as possible:

Evidence of a car accident

Getting first-hand evidence of a road accident is the primary reason why individuals invest in dash cams. The advanced dash cams start recording as soon as the car engine starts. You would get efficient, real-time, and straightforward evidence to convince the authorities if the accident didn’t occur due to your negligence.

Even if your vehicle was involved somehow in the accident, you can send the videotape to the traffic police and break free from a court trial. The negligent party will be held responsible and would be obliged by the authorities to pay for your car damage. Without the video evidence, the negligent party could put the entire blame on you and play the victim. Therefore, you should always be prepared for such incidents beforehand.

Effective solution for reckless drivers

A dashcam helps you to report reckless and undisciplined drivers on the road. Half of the accidents occur due to harsh driving. You can save the lives of innocent people on the road. The case of undisciplined driving usually goes cold if the eyewitness testifies. However, the authorities might be able to issue a warning to reckless drivers if there is first-hand videotape evidence.

You can get ultimate proof against drivers who violate traffic rules and do not drive according to their status. If you see a driver under influence, you can record him and report him for road rage. Similarly, you can be a responsible citizen by reporting the drivers driving the 18-wheelers recklessly. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. But a dashcam will capture each detail that takes place while you’re driving.

To sum it all up, a dashboard camera is a great investment for frequent drivers. It is a compact, cost-effective, and hands-free device that can be installed in less than a minute, thanks to its suction cup. You can explore a wide variety of dash cams on From high-quality, state-of-the-art dashboard cameras to low-end ones, you have the freedom to choose as per your preferences and budget