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Buy the Best Bluetooth Hands-free Device- Garmin Speak Review

Want a small yet reliable Bluetooth hands-free device that connects to your car’s audio system seamlessly? Introducing Garmin Speak – A palm-size GPS device and a dashboard camera that connects to your car’s audio system so you can listen to your favorite songs from Amazon music library. Moreover, you can also control all the Alexa-enabled devices at your home with Garmin Speak.

The device uses Alexa’s voice commands to give proper directions and equips a light ring to display different functions in action.

Futuristic Features and Design of Garmin Speaker

The Garmin Speak uses its well-built Bluetooth technology to connect with the car’s audio system and your Android phone. If you want to enable Amazon’s voice service, you require strong cellular signals. However, it does not offer mapping, as other Bluetooth hands free devices.

The device uses directional arrows and texts to give directions to the driver. The device displays visuals with the voice-guided directions. However, it lacks touch-screen functionality and mapping, unlike high-end GPS devices.

The Garmin Speak has a well-built design, which makes it one of the best hands-fee Bluetooth calling devices in the market. The mounting bracket equips a swiveling magnet that extends from the plate and goes all the way to the enclosure. Consequently, holding the dash camera in place firmly on your windshield.

The Mute button is used to turn off the two microphones while the Action button is used to receive the incoming calls and to switch on the Bluetooth device.

The purpose of the LED ring light is to indicate the next turns on the roads using colors. For instance, the device will glow green right before a new turn. In addition, the device glows blue if it is on the listening mode.

Similarly, the ring glows red if the Bluetooth connection is lost, magenta if you have an incoming call and amber when the device is in the pairing mode.

With the same features as the Echo Dot, it is quite easy to set up the device and link to your Android Phone and Amazon account. To sum up, Garmin Speak is a full-featured Bluetooth device for your car that delivers accurate turning directions and routes.