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Tips for Buying a Car Speakerphone Online

To stay safe on the roads, one must eliminate as many distractions as possible. As of today, the biggest distraction for the drivers are their mobile phones.

A car speakerphone is one of the most underrated items to make your car smarter and safer. The best car speakerphones may have a simple design and may not be packed with advanced features but they are engineered well enough to offer just the benefits and the safety you need while driving.

To get the best Bluetooth car speakerphone for your car and to make your daily commutation safer, keep moving forward and consider the following features:

Docks and Connectors

Depending on the manufacturer and the model, you can connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth speakerphone via a USB port to avoid the annoying dropouts of the wireless connection. Get the right cable for your phone; a USB type-C jack for your Android phone or a Lightning connector for your Apple phone and you are good to use your Bluetooth car speakerphone.

Voice Recognition and Remote/Voice Control

The voice recognition feature in the car speakerphone allows you to pick up the call or to turn up the volume during a call without touching your phone. Some models also come with an application, a remote control or a handy smart device to operate the Bluetooth car speakerphone from the backseat.

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