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Vehicle Mount – An Essential Accessory for Your Car

A quality cradle or a cellphone mount is essential to install if your car does not have a built-in navigation system or display. Other than helping you find the right routes easily; the phone mounts provide a simple yet safe way to make important calls.

However, choosing the best car phone mount can be a bit tricky since there are abundant options in the market. Before buying the cellphone holder for your car from, mull over the following features:

User-friendly Design

A good mount or cradle must keep your phone at the eye level. The car mounts by Aukey are best in terms of user-friendliness and design. If you prefer a windshield mount, ensure that your visibility is not hindered. Several models of Belkin car cup holders for smartphones also double as chargers.

The ease of access to the smartphone buttons is another thing you should consider before buying a phone mount for your car. It must not cover the essential ports or buttons and should not block the speaker to maintain the call quality.

Furthermore, placing and dismounting your smartphone should not take much effort. The best car phone mounts are those that have a quick one-release button to dismount your smartphone like a breeze.

Purposeful Features

The windshield, AC vent and dashboard mounts are the three major types of holders available in the market. Each type of mount has different features and design. With time, you change your devices. Therefore, it is best to look for a mount with universal design and purposeful features. The universal phone mounts are adjustable and can hold devices of various brands.


Since the purpose of investing in a car cradle is to keep your phone safely at one place, ensure that it durable enough to last for years to come. Go for ABS plastic or high-quality rubber. Moreover, avoid buying car mounts that lose their suction strength during hot and humid weather conditions.

Are you tired of your smartphone falling down during the drive? Do you, too, want an interruption-free driving experience? Invest in a car mount and get hassle-free turn-by-turn directions on difficult routes.