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Buy the Best Car Charger and Cable for Your Smartphone

The car chargers are budget-friendly yet robust to help you in low-battery situations. But that does not mean you should invest in the first aux cable and charger for car you see on the internet. Whether you are looking for type-A, type-B or type-C charger, it is important to buy the right charger for your smartphone.

A USB type-C is the most versatile option because it delivers enough juice to charge your laptop and is compatible with most smartphones.

Whether you have Belkin car chargers and cables on your list or that of Aukey, check out the best car chargers for your smartphone available at

Anker Power Drive 2

All the car chargers have the same function and come at more or less the same price. However, the buyers still look for several elements; low price, compact size, two ports to charge multiple devices and a reputed brand.

The inexpensive and compact Power Drive 2 car charger by Anker has two USB type-A ports that delivers 2.4 amperage power to charge your smartphone or tablet quickly. Anker is a top pick for Tejar buyers to purchase all kinds of electronic accessories. Moreover, you get an 18-month warranty on all Anker devices.

The Power Drive 2 is compatible with all USB devices, Android devices, iPhones, iPads and other gadgets. However, the Power Drive 2 lacks QC 3.0 Support. Therefore, you won’t be able to enjoy the fast-charging speed of the cable.

Anker Power Drive Speed 2

Whether it’s your child using the iPad or you using the smartphone for navigation, road trips can drain the batteries exceedingly fast. If you can’t wait several hours to have your phone back to 100%, use the Power Drive Speed 2 by Anker.

It combines different standards to give you a high-speed charging speed during an exhausting road trip. The two USB type-A ports of the charger deliver a combined power of 39 watts using the Power IQ or the Quick Charge 3.0 Support.

Other than the power and the charger’s functionality, you should also consider the build quality. The metal construction of the charger ensures a long life.

Looking for a particular brand? Scroll up and find your favorite high-end brands to buy all kinds of car electronics.