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Goodnature products Price in Pakistan


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Considered a revolution in the human rodent control industry, Goodnature provides you with unique and advanced solutions to control a rodent infestation. Scared of rodents wreaking havoc in your attic, use Goodnature to trap and kill up to 24 mice or rats using a single C02 canister.

Goodnature ensures that the mice and rodents are killed in the most humane manner possible. Lured into an intriguing trap the canister launches a C02 powered strike to kill the rodent immediately. The dead rodent then falls out of the trap and can be safely consumed by its predators. The CO2 canister gun can repeat the action up to 24 times, after which you will need to replace it. With simple installation and use Goodnature provides the users with an efficient way of getting rid of all the rodents at home.