Creative Labs Sound Blaster AE-7 Hi-Res PCI-e DAC and Amp Sound Card Price in Pakistan

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Model: 70SB180000000

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  • Mic-in: 16-bit / 16.0, 44.1, 48.0, 88.2, 96.0 kHz, 24-bit / 44.1, 48.0, 88.2, 96.0 kHz, 32-bit / 44.1, 48.0, 88.2, 96.0 kHz
  • AUX-in: 16-bit / 44.1, 48.0, 88.2, 96.0 kHz, 24-bit / 44.1, 48.0, 88.2, 96.0 kHz
  • What-U-Hear: 16-bit / 44.1, 48.0 kHz, 24-bit / 44.1, 48.0 kHz, 32-bit / 44.1, 48.0 kHz
  • Platform: PCI-e
  • Connectivity Options (Main): 1 x TOSLINK Optical Out, 1 x ⅛″ Rear Out, 1 x ⅛″ Center / Sub Out, 1 x ⅛“ Mic-in / Line-in
  • Power: PCI-e bus power
  • Output Impedance: 1Ω, Supported
  • Headphone Impedance: 16–600Ω, IEM: 16–31Ω (1.9V RMS), Normal: 32–149Ω (3V Rms),
  • Audio TechnologySound Core3D
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Surround Sound and Encoding

5.1 discrete surround for speakers, 7.1 virtual surround for headphones, Dolby Digital Live, DTS Connect Encoding, and Sound Blaster Surround Virtualization


Audio Control Module - perfect for quick access to volume control knob, 6.3 mm and 3.5 mm mic and headphones I/O connectors. Also fitted with a built-in mic array for hassle-free communications

Audio Enhancements

Full suite of audio enhancements including customizable EQs and Sound Profiles, Surround, Crystalizer, Bass, Smart Volume, and Dialog Plus that further boosts your audio. For gamers, Scout Mode is a feature not to be missed!


New and improved Sound Blaster Command software for further audio customization, with a quick on and off toggle switch to activate or deactivate audio processing effects

Hardware Accelerated Audio

The addition of AE-7 to your PC rig basically means one thing — you're adding in a dedicated quad-core processor designed with one goal in mind — to deliver incredibly pristine and enhanced sound on your PC without overstressing your CPU. Sound Blaster handles audio processing on the card itself, freeing up your CPU to handle other tasks.

Clean and Crisp Audio Clarity

Enhanced audio is only going to sound as good as the components delivering it, and with the AE-7, we're not pulling any punches. The AE-7 features an ESS SABRE-class 9018 DAC that delivers an incredibly clean 127 dB DNR audio stream at up to 32-bit / 384 kHz PCM and DSD64 Playback. If pristine is at the core of your demand, the AE-7 is going to blow past your expectations.

Theatrical-Grade Discreet and Virtual Surround

Whether you are outputting to headphones or speakers, the AE-7 is able to take stereo or multi-stream sources and transform them into immersive, theatrical audio. It supports discrete 5.1 on speakers, and up to 7.1 virtual surround on speakers and headphones. You can even switch effortlessly between headphones and your speakers for those times you want to pump the bass or go stealthier with your headphones.

Incredible Processing

And that's not all! Having been in the audio processing game for 30 years, the Sound Blaster AE-7 comes with Sound Blaster's full suite of audio enhancements. You can enjoy Surround for an incredible immersion, Crystallizer that helps to improve the dynamic range of audio, or Bass that provides bigger punch on the low end. Meanwhile, CrystalVoice technology enhances voice for clear recordings and in-game communications.

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