Cooler Master SF-15 Cooling Pad Price in Pakistan

By: Cooler Master

Model: R9-NBC-SF5K-GP


Availability: Out of stock New

Availability: Out of stock

  • Silent and powerful 160 mm fan for excellent cooling performance
  • 4 port USB hub to expand connectivity
  • Cable management with grooved top side for cable routing
  • Comfortable Rubber Handle designed to be easy to carry
  • 6 LED strips underneath for glowing effect
  • Height Adjustment for improved Gaming experience
  • Perfect fit for laptops up to 15.6
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Silent and Powerful 160mm Fan

The massive metal mesh surface is accompanied by a powerful 160mm turbine fan to provide unprecedented airflow and keep laptop components running at optimal temperatures.

Expanded Connectivity

SF-15 has a 4 port USB hub to provide extra connectivity for accessories or tablet/phone charging. The power on/ off toggle for the LED light sets the mood for gaming

Intuitive Ergonomic Design for Gamers

Simple one button press height adjustment settings provide a more ergonomic gaming experience.

LED Lighting Accents

Stylish LED lighting strips provide a unique ambient atmosphere for battle stations.

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  • Cooler Master SF-15 Cooling Pad