USB Wi-Fi Adapters products Price in Pakistan

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Is a USB Wi-Fi same as a Dongle?

In contrast with the past, we now enjoy a plethora of entertainment possibilities at our fingertips. The advent of streaming services offers countless on-demand TV shows, music, and movies. However, you would be stuck between half-buffered and meager videos if your computer can’t stream high-quality content. If you are looking to upgrade your hardware’s internet, what’s a better option than a wireless adaptor?

A USB Wi-Fi adaptor overrides the laptop’s wireless functionality to give you a stable and reliable internet connection through the available network. The plug-and-use convenience allows you to remove it from the USB port when not in use.

While a dongle and a wireless adaptor work on the same phenomenon, they are used for quite different purposes. A monthly-pay dongle provides broadband internet, even if there is no wireless network available. Whereas, a USB wireless adaptor connects a pre-existing wireless connection to a non-Wi-Fi enabled device.

If you are using a wireless adaptor for the first time, probability is; the driver would not be pre-installed on your computer. After plugging in the adaptor to the USB port, the laptop/computer will prompt you to proceed with the driver installation procedure. Some adaptors come with a CD so you could install the software manually and move forward.

It is best to ensure that the adaptor is within the internet router’s range and there is no hindrance, such as walls or furniture. Positioning your USB wireless adaptor to the nearest Wi-Fi access point will help you stream your favorite TV shows, music and movies without buffers.

Factors to consider when buying a wireless USB Adaptor

It is essential to research thoroughly about the buying points before getting on Wi-Fi adaptor price in Pakistan. If you need a reliable connection for online gaming or streaming, it is best to select an adaptor which has a data transfer of more than 500 Mbps. In addition to that, consider its compatibility with your hardware setup.

If you are not considering expensive internet upgrade options, start looking up for mini USB Wi-Fi adaptor price in Pakistan instantly.