Wireless Mice products Price in Pakistan

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Have wireless mice changed the online gaming experience?

It is highly likely that every PC gamer might have come across the never-ending debate of whether a wireless mouse is better than its wired predecessor. The connectivity issues, high latency, and signal interference plagued the reputation of wireless mice in the past. But the newest wireless options have proved otherwise to the esports gaming professionals.

The pros of a wired mouse held a lot of weight in the ongoing debate but the launch of the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum in 2016 was a game-changer in the peripheral industry. Logitech turned heads and made a bold claim to have launched the fastest mouse in the market. The performance gap has narrowed over time and these devices can now compete with their wired rivals.

The near-identical performance or you could say, the growing predominancy of the wireless mice has all the amateur gamers confused about the best wireless mouse purchase.

Wireless mice

The Bluetooth-enabled wireless mice exhibited serious connection and lag issues due to the less polling rate. But the modern wireless pointers work on 2.4 GHz frequency to reign an amazing gaming experience.

The comfort that a wireless mouse provides is incomparable, given there’s zero wire resistance during the play drags. The freedom to cover a wider parameter and no restriction in the movement translate to quicker flicks and a smoother tracking experience.

Most of the wireless mice have in-house technology like Lightspeed and Hyperspeed to eliminate signal interference. For instance, Logitech mice use Lightspeed technology, which keeps the response time under one millisecond. Similarly, the Hyperspeed allows the mouse to switch between frequencies to narrow down the lag and connectivity problems.

A wireless mouse is a better option if you don’t want to get in the mess of wire snaps and tangles. The high wireless mouse price in Pakistan is inevitable, considering the extensions cables, transmitters, and the built-in advanced technology to step up your gaming experience.

Wired mice

Even the best wireless mouse will have you worried about the transmitter but that’s not the problem with a wired one. You can get into the game easily due to its plug-and-play nature. Just plug it into the USB port and get started with hassle-free browsing. Moreover, the speed of a wired mouse comes down to the DPI sensor frequency as all gaming pros consider the response time per click.

As for the price division, wired mice are cheaper because there’s less hardware involved in the setup.

In short, there’s no clear-cut answer to which type is best. So, the final decision usually comes down to usability, budget, and preference.