USB Flash Drives products Price in Pakistan

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Factors to consider when buying USB Flash Drives

Buying a USB flash drive for work or a personal project might seem straightforward and mundane. However, it can be overwhelming for someone who is ambiguous about the formats and the capacities of the flash drives.

Cloud storage is the new black but the use of USBs is tried and true. Whether you want to install an operating system or back up the lost data, you can rely on them.

Let’s break down the quirks of buying USBs that weigh up its quality from a technical point of view:

Storage Capacity

Flash drives are available in a wide range of capacities, starting from 64 MB and going up to 128 GB. The USB flash drive price in Pakistan depends upon the capacity, apart from the manufacturer. Therefore, you would have to evaluate the space required for your software or project before investing in a branded drive.


The chip formats; USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, are widely popular among users. The third generation transfers at the rate of 4800 Mbps while the second generation USB transfers at the rate of 480 Mbps. The transfer speed majorly depends upon the connector wires. The 2.0 version features 4 wires, whereas, the 3.0 version features 9 wires to enhance the bandwidth along with speed.

Memory Quality

The quality of the memory chips within the USB is the most important factor there is, to check by the user. The best way to invest in a Tier-1 memory is to confirm that the chips are manufactured by top distributors, such as Intel, Micron, SanDisk, and Samsung.

Compatibility with hardware

It is crucial to check the systems you are working on or utilizing for your project. The USB flash drives work across various laptops, computers, tablets, and even computers. Be vigilant in checking your current hardware’s USB ports. A 3.0 USB would not transfer data at the standardized rate if it is plugged into a 2.0 USB port.


Like other products, the price factor varies from brand to brand. Once you confirm the capacity and the format, you can compare the prices and get a heads up before buying the USB flash drive. For instance, the 64 GB USB price in Pakistan will vary for different manufacturers.

While all the USB flash drives might look similar from the outside, the above technical factors would definitely help you purchase accordingly.