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Cabeau (pronounced CAH-bo) patented travel pillows and innovative travel accessories can be found in over 110 countries worldwide. Determined to a create a unique, better and comfortable travel experience for himself and others, David Sternlight; a professional basketball player for Maccabi Tel Aviv, wanted to design a comfortable neck pillow that actually works to create a better travel experience. After months of development, the revolutionary Cabeau Evolution Pillow® was finally born in 2009.

All Cabeau travel pillows products have set new industry standards for superior quality, comfort, craftsmanship, and convenience. We are honored to have received numerous travel industry awards that recognize our commitment to excellence by offering our customers innovative travel accessories and improving the world around us.

Our team is committed to ensuring that the same effort and energy is invested in our new products as in our original and revolutionary Cabeau Evolution pillow. The innovations in our wide range of products are inspired by our customers, who tell us what they want, what works, and what would further enhance their travel experience. We offer a carefully selected range of products that are guaranteed to enhance your travel experience by making it more comfortable.