Belkin USB Smart Card / CAC Reader Price in Pakistan

By: Belkin

Model: F1DN005U

Sku: 57T5I6GF3M

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Availability: Out of stock

  • Hardware protection - all firmware is in ROM (Read only Memory) and cannot be altered or changed
  • Uni-body enclosure - Eliminates entry points and prevents physical tampering of the electronics
  • Ergonomic design - large opening facilitates quick one-handed card insertions for the most demanding security applications
  • Customizable coloring - Included color chips can be installed to associate the reader with an established network for identification and to
  • Reduce user error
  • Unique wedge-design optimizes the angle of insertion and allows for versatile under-desk or desktop mounting
  • Premium-Grade Double-Sided Foam Mounting Tape included
  • Supports Class A, B, C (5v, 3V, 1.8V) for the broadest smart card compatibility
  • Designed to seamlessly work with Windows 7 standard CCID driver; no additional software or driver required
  • Compliant with major smart cards and relevant Industry standards
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The Belkin smart card reader is designed for today's government user. The reader supports smart cards meeting ISO7816 standards, which include CAC and PIV. The reader is designed with high-quality materials to meet the most demanding requirements for government data security use and includes a variety of features that make the reader the most efficient to use in its class. The reader also offers the broadest smart card compatibility, including Class A, B, C (5v, 3v, 1.8v), which makes it ideal to meet legacy, current, or future security needs. FIPS 201 compliant. TAA compliant.

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  • Belkin USB Smart Card / CAC Reader