Belkin ScreenForce Invisiglass UltraCurve Screen Protector - iPhone X / iPhone Xs / iPhone 11 Pro Price in Pakistan

By: Belkin

Model: F8W943zzBLK

Sku: AQJVE05Q45

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Availability: Out of stock

  • 40% stronger than tempered glass for ultimate scratch and impact resistance
  • Edge-to-edge fit
  • Looks and feels just like the natural screen
  • Flawless touchscreen experience
  • Case-compatible for all-round protection
  • Easy Align tray for simple, precise, bubble-free application
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Protect your iPhone's entire screen from edge-to-edge with the InvisiGlass UltraCurve Screen Protector. Engineered with ion-exchange strengthened glass for maximum impact and scratch protection, UltraCurve's unique design seamlessly fits the curved shape of your phone's screen to provide the best protection possible. Enjoy ultra-tough protection without compromising the clarity or touch-response of your phone's screen.


Despite keeping a slim profile, InvisiGlass UltraCurve was engineered with ion-exchange strengthened glass and built for absorbing hard impacts.

The numbers speak for themselves. When tested under the same conditions, InvisiGlass UltraCurve performed to 40% stronger than tempered glass screen protectors.


InvisiGlass UltraCurve Screen Protection can be professionally applied to your smartphone by a trained professional, using a specially-developed application system. If you can't make it to your local participating retail location, we've included an Easy Align tray to add precision to any application.


Subtle design details make this edge-to-edge screen protection fully case compatible with most Belkin and Apple cases. Combine with a protective case to create full 360-degree protection for your iPhone.


InvisiGlass UltraCurve is precision-cut so thinly that it becomes highly sensitive to pressure. This, combined with intelligent glass composition, ensures every touch and movement is transferred accurately to the screen beneath for a flawless touchscreen experience.


A screen protector's job is to maximize protection while minimizing interference with your phone's look and feel. UltraCurve's real-glass design preserves the clarity of your screen and keeps photos and videos pixel-perfect.

In the Box

  • Belkin ScreenForce Invisiglass UltraCurve Screen Protector for iPhone
  • Easy Align tray
  • Dust removal sticker
  • Cleaning cloth