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What is a nebulizer and why do you need it?

A nebulizer is an electrical machine used by individuals to create a mist out of medication. It is used for easier, quicker, and better absorption of the prescribed medication into the lungs. has both types of nebulizers: battery-run and electric versions. The battery-powered nebulizers are portable while the electric nebulizers have to be plugged into a socket.

They work the same as electrotherapy devices. The nebulizer machines have a small container for liquid medicine, a base to hold the compressor in place, and a mask with a tube to connect the compressor with the container.

Why do we use a nebulizer machine?

A nebulizer machine is helpful to combat a variety of medical conditions, such as pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, asthma, and COPD. It is very useful when it comes to providing medication to newborn babies during palliative care in Pakistan. However, their prices vary from nebulizers designed for home use.

What types of nebulizers are available at has a wide range of personal care accessories for its valuable customers shopping online. We have three main types of nebulizer machines available:

Mesh nebulizers

The tiny holes in the mesh nebulizers allow you to dispense the liquid medicine efficiently. They are far more efficient than jet nebulizers.

Ultrasonic nebulizers

The ultrasonic nebulizer machines are commonly used in hospitals. They are rarely used in homes because they create aerosol using high-frequency vibrations.

Jet nebulizers

The jet nebulizer machines use compressed air to create aerosol out of medicines. They are the most common among households and easier to use than ultrasonic nebulizers.

How do you use a nebulizer machine at home?

Do not use the nebulizer for more than 15 minutes. All you have to do is breathe through the mask normally. If you are using the nebulizer machine at home, make sure that all the pieces are clean.

The next step is to ensure that the mouthpiece and tube are properly connected to the medicine container. If the nebulizer is misting properly, it’s ready for use.

The nebulizer machines are often used in conjunction with other health tracking and therapy devices, such as spacers. We have laid out different types of nebulizers available on our website so you can pick the best one to counter your medical condition.