Electric Toothbrushes products Price in Pakistan

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Dentists vote for electric brushes in 2022

The best way to keep the dentist appointments uneventful is to maintain good oral health. As per the American Dental Association advisory, both, electric and manual toothbrushes are effective in maintaining your gum health, removing plaque and keeping the mouth diseases at bay.

Improve dental hygiene with the best electric toothbrush

A ground-breaking research, which took almost 11 years to complete suggests that using an electric toothbrush lessens the tooth decay and improves gum health. And apparently, the dentists seem to agree because the study also backs up smaller research studies presented in the past.

The bristles of an electric toothbrush remove the plaque build-up by vibrating and rotating. The micro movements by the oscillating battery-powered toothbrush remove the gingivitis for improved dental hygiene.

They provide great functionality to people with limited mobility. The people who are suffering from developmental disabilities, arthritis or carpal tunnel are advised by the dentists to switch to electric toothbrushes for increased usability.

The built-in timer is another feature which counters the electric toothbrush price in Pakistan. The oral hygiene device operates on optimal timing which allows you to sufficiently alleviate plaque and gingivitis.

The majority of them are environmentally-friendly because you just have to change the electric toothbrush replacement heads – leading to less waste as compared to manual brushes.

A credible research study observed that the users were more focused on brushing the teeth while using electric toothbrushes. Consequently, they improve the overall cleaning experience which ensures to keep your dental health in check.

Best dental tool to use during the orthodontic therapy

It is a bit difficult to clean your mouth with orthodontic appliances, such as braces. The electric toothbrushes are widely popular among the people undergoing orthodontic therapy. Regardless of what you eat, the electric brush will be your savior to combat bacteria and plaque.

Is it fun and safe for children?

Most of the children are reluctant in brushing their teeth. The electric toothbrush is an interactive and engaging tool to build their dental habits from the start. As for the safety, it does not hurt the enamel or the gums unless he/she brushes rigorously.

Key Takeaway

While choosing an electric brush, we recommend considering the brand as well as the cleaning modes for maximum dental care.