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Change your habits with Pavlok wearables

Pavlok has an exclusive community for individuals who want to achieve happiness by breaking bad habits. They deal in wearables that enable individuals to improve their lives. If you can’t stop biting nails, lose weight, or meditate properly, the electric shock bracelets by Pavlok would definitely keep you on the right track.

The company also sells personal care accessories, such as electric shock alarm watches to help you become more mindful, relaxed, and productive in the morning.

What are the best Pavlok devices to break bad habits?

If you want to retain focus and break your bad habits today, buy Pavlok electric shock bracelets for the best results. Learn the best practices with the top picks of Pavlok customers.

Pavlok 3 Pro

Track your sleeping patterns and steps with Pavlok 3 Pro wearable. It sends context-aware notifications through the app that converts important data into action. You can switch from a subtle nudge to a persuasive snap to retain focus and learn healthy habits.

Harness the power of the nudges with Pavlok 3. Other tracking and monitoring devices merely record your habits. The Pavlok 3 Pro behavior training device helps to change your bad habits for good.

The best thing about Pavlok 3 is that you can either use it as a standalone device or attach it to Fitbit, Apple Watch, or any other analog wearable through the clips. The integrated application is enough, even for heavy sleepers. If vibrations and chimes aren’t enough for you, Pavlok 3 will wake you up with a static discharge. Focus on meditation and improve your productivity with the water-resistant snap watch.

Furthermore, the application also tracks dozens of your habits and behaviors. This makes it easy for Pavlok to reinforce good habits in your routine. Be aware of your actions and increase your mindfulness with the Pavlok application having built-in exercises to regain your focus.

No need to charge the wearable every day as the battery lasts for seven days. Use all the core functionalities easily with three programmable buttons.

With Pavlok, you don’t just get access to a wearable or merely software. You get a warm welcome from a community of people who are on the same journey as you. Take full control of your life and start learning healthy habits with Pavlok from today.