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The Best Assistive Learning Switches by AbleNet

Assistive Learning Technology

The differently-abled children and adults require a little help while learning. If you want to help a differently-abled reach his/her full potential, assistive learning switches by AbleNet might play a big role in the classroom.

Assistive technology refers to any equipment or software helping the children with disabilities to overcome learning challenges. The assistive learning devices strengthen the skill sets and provide an equal opportunity for disabled students to receive quality education using personalized lesson plans.

What Are the Best AbleNet Assistive Learning Switches?

Assistive technology is all about providing disabled children with hands-on tech to make learning a little less stressful. Let’s go through the best AbleNet assistive learning switches available exclusively online on

Big Candy Corn Switch

The Big Candy Corn is a proximity sensor switch packed with a plethora of features. The best thing about Corn Candy switch is that it does not need a physical touch by the user for activation. All a user has to do is move her/his hand within the reach of Candy Corn switch and it will activate.

With a large activation area, it is easier to turn the device on. In addition, the visual feedback and the auditory beep can be switched on and off with one button.

Mini Cup Switch

The Mini Cup is one of the finest and durable switches by AbleNet. The IP67-rated device is dirt and dust resistant. In addition, it can be submerged in 1-meter-deep water for about 30 minutes. When activated, it gives off tactile feedback with auditory clicks. You can also use the 5 colored stickers (included in the package) to make the target area more visible.

Pillow Switch

The soft and smooth foam of the comfortable pillow switch by AbleNet is safe for cheek/head activation. The Velcro and safety pin help the user to fasten the switch easily to a wheelchair cushion or a pillow.

Jelly Beamer Transmitter

The jelly beamer transmitter is a wireless switch by AbleNet that brings immediate and reliable access without the hassle of tangled cords. The external jack allows you to utilize a single switch with the wireless receiver. For an enhanced learning experience, you can use multiple beamer switches in a single room.

AbleNet is on a mission to make assistive learning and speech therapy devices easily accessible to all differently-abled people. At, you’d find a huge range of assistive learning devices at the best value.