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Buy the right Fitbit smartwatch and fitness tracker online

Tracking the details of your workout is a great way to monitor the progress of your weight loss journey. Fitbit manufactures a line of top-notch products to track your physical activities on a daily basis. Although Fitbit trackers fall under the umbrella of smartwatches, they are originally designed as step trackers.

The wrist-worn smart devices boast nifty features such as distance tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, GPS, etc. You can also receive messages, calls, and notifications from applications on your Fitbit fitness trackers.

The best Fitbit smartwatches available online

Smartwatches with advanced features tend to have a higher retail price in Pakistan. The higher-priced fitness trackers by Fitbit tend to have high-end sensors.

If you’ve landed here with the intention to buy the best smartwatch online, keep moving forward:

Fitbit Sense smartwatch

The Fitbit Sense comes with advanced wellness, health, and tracking features. It is one of the premier products to measure skin temperature as well as electrodermal activity. The prompt blood oxygen reading feature and FDA-approved ECG sensor allow you to monitor the heart rate effectively.

When it comes to specifications, this device has a total battery life of 5 hours with the GPS tracker turned on. Otherwise, you can use it for 6 days without requiring a smartwatch charger. The water-resistant smartwatch has a 1.58 OLED display and also entails a swim tracking feature.

The Sense by Fitbit comes with an on-board native app, a GPS tracker, and a smart virtual assistant. Moreover, it is compatible with both, Android and Apple smartphones. A device like Fitbit Sense helps us to take a holistic look at our physical well-being and health.

Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch

The Versa 3 is the predecessor of the Versa 2 fitness tracker by Fitbit. The outstanding upgrades and features in the next-generation smartwatch have made it one of the best releases in the market. Track location with the onboard GPS tracker and read social media notifications clearly from the large and curved display screen.

The workout feature, Active Zone Minutes motivates and monitors the time you spend burning body fat. The battery life is the same as Fitbit Sense, however, you can only enable one virtual assistant at a time. No need for a smartwatch case as the Versa 3 fitness tracker is water-resistant for up to 50 meters. The durable yet soft smartwatch band will have you wearing it for hours.

Do you need a device to track your fitness goals while offering you all the features of a smartwatch? Go through the wide range of Fitbit fitness trackers on and compare the prices to see which one fits your budget.