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Does your smartwatch need a portable charging stand?

The best charging stands for smartwatches that combine functionality and aesthetics that add to your living space. There’s no one-size-fits-all charging solution for every smartwatch out there. It all depends on the brand you’re inclined towards and how you want your tech to be arranged on your side table.

A lot of smartwatch charging stations can act as alarm clocks and double up as chargers for your iPhone, iPad, etc. All the smartwatch chargers use the universal USB connection for efficient charging. These charging cables are a lot easier to replace if damaged or not working.

The best smartwatch chargers of 2022

It is very challenging to find a price-worthy charger that matches your style. The industry leaders like Belkin, Apple, Mophie, Fossil, and Garmin release a dozen of portable yet sleek smartwatch batteries and chargers in Pakistan. Check out the best-selling charging docks on and get your hands on the right product:

Apple Watch magnetic charging cable

The Apple Watch magnetic charging cable has a connector on one end and a USB cable on the other end. No need to use the cable – just connect the back of the smartwatch to the connector and it will snap it into the right place.

Moreover, it requires no setup or precise alignment because the charger is completely sealed and does not expose contacts at all. The magnetic charger with a 1-meter-long cable is compatible with all the models of Apple watches.

Mophie watch dock

The aluminum smartwatch charging dock keeps everything simple and convenient for you. The box comes with a manual that guides on how to place your smartwatch into the inductive, circular cut-out charger.

You can also use the cable to charge your iPhone. The angled cradle has leather padding to provide a safe buffer between your smartwatch and the metal charger. Moreover, the rubber padding beneath the base provides protection for your side table or work desk.

Although the design is fairly lightweight, the base is mid-size and provides adequate space for your phone as well as a smartwatch.

If you are not fussed about extra features in your smartwatch chargers, these two models would fit best in your living space. If you want a universal charger, we have great releases by Asus, Belkin, Garmin, and Fitbit.