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Why is a pulse oximeter an essential product to keep at home?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, pulse oximeters have become one of the common health testing and monitoring accessories. Just a couple of years ago, a blood oxygen monitor was not a necessity for an average household, unless one of the family members had COPD, asthma, or, any other breathing disease.

The coronavirus causes pneumonia and inflammation in the infected person’s lungs. Hence, reducing the oxygen saturation in the blood. To monitor the oxygen impairment, one has to keep a pulse oximeter ready at all times.

The oximeters and thermometers can be used for early coronavirus detection. However, only a screening test can determine if you’ve caught the virus or not. If you wish to save your time and money, browse the list of reliable oximeters available at Tejar.pk and keep a regular check on your SpO2 readings.

What to look for when purchasing a pulse oximeter online?

As advisable by the doctors, the SpO2 meters can come in handy during the pandemic. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing an oximeter from Tejar.pk:

Type of blood oxygen meter

There are three main types of oximeters readily available in the market – handheld oximeters, fetal pulse meters, and fingertip oximeters. If you are buying the device for home, the fingertip oximeter is the best fit. However, the other two types of oximeters in Pakistan are used in hospitals and tend to have a higher price if compared to their fingertip counterparts.

Features and specifications

It is best to compare the prices of different models. You don’t need to pay a higher price as long as the oximeter is displaying accurate readings. In terms of features, you should always go for a bright and clear display. High-quality oximeters are water-resistant and give accurate heart rate readings as well.

Accurate readings

Unfortunately, there’s no way to check the device’s accuracy at the time of purchase but you can always rely on certifications and online reviews. Inaccurate readings can be extremely fatal for those having coronavirus, sleep apnea, or COPD.

Medical certifications

Make sure that the oximeter is certified by CE, FDA, and RoHS. The certifications by these medical bodies ensure that you are investing in a high-quality device.

As we are amid a deadly pandemic, it is best to monitor the oxygen saturation at least three times a day. The oximeters come with no risks to your health. Moreover, pulse oximetry is a noninvasive, painless, and quick way to measure oxygen saturation and cross out the risk of COVID-19. All of the oximeters listed on Tejar.pk are certified and catch the potential risk of coronavirus with accurate readings.