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Choosing the right glucose meter for good health

If you have diabetes, testing your blood sugar levels is nothing less than a ritual. Ensuring that your blood sugar levels are within range is critical to your health and overall well-being. With advancements in technology, people with diabetes can use on-body monitors and sensors for flash glucose testing.

Since your blood sugar levels decide the insulin shots and other health factors, having accurate monitoring accessories is essential for managing your diabetes.

Let’s dive into the factors that affect the accuracy of your blood glucose monitor:

Blood glucose test strips

The enzymes on the blood glucose test strips interact with your blood to create an electrical current. The meter converts the electrons into a reading based on the glucose concentration. As the process is complicated, you can get inaccurate readings due to a number of variables.

You might be getting inaccurate readings due to expired or damaged strips. Moisture, heat, and inadequate blood on the strip might also be the reasons for wrong readings. To check your blood sugar levels correctly, make sure that the strips are free of any containments, such as oil, food, lotion, etc.

If you still aren’t getting accurate readings, it is time to browse the price of blood glucose test strips in Pakistan and get a new batch as soon as possible. The test strips vary in design. Therefore, it is essential to know where your blood sample should go.

Amount of blood on the test strips

It is possible to draw inadequate or less blood on the strips, which could lead to inaccurate results. Refer to your blood glucose monitor’s manual as it states the right blood sample size.

Environmental factors

Your blood flow composition and the accuracy of your blood test strips could be affected by several environmental conditions. The active component, enzyme, is sensitive to temperature and humidity. Both factors compromise the accuracy of the blood glucose test strips. The best way to avoid the issue is to keep the strips at room temperature, in a safe container.

The blood test strips available at come in a sealed container to preserve accuracy and reduce the adverse effects of temperature and humidity. Buy a batch now and keep your blood sugar levels in check.