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How to pick the right device for continuous glucose monitoring

Blood test strips are a great way to keep a check on your diabetes. However, the method is painful, and sometimes, you need to check your blood sugar levels regularly. That is where glucose monitoring devices can help. All of the devices at are FDA-approved and measure your blood sugar levels day and night.

As the top blood glucose monitors take the readings after 5 to 10 minutes automatically, it forms a complete picture. Your doctor can follow the pattern and take the best course for your health.

Food, medications, stress, and exercise affect your blood sugar levels. A portable glucose monitor can help you track any fluctuations and manage your diabetes easily.

How do the glucose monitoring devices work?

All the glucose monitoring devices are equipped with tiny sensors to measure glucose levels. They are usually placed at the back of the arm, or under the skin of your belly for rapid monitoring. The wireless transmitter sends information to the device’s pager, which then shows your blood sugar levels.

Smart monitors are very similar to heart rate monitors: They turn on the alarm as soon as they detect dangerously high or low sugar levels.

Back then, only a practitioner could see the trends, patterns, and spikes in your blood sugar levels. But the portable glucose monitors for home help you to download the data on your tablet and study the unusual patterns.

Choose the right blood glucose monitor with

If used correctly, blood glucose monitors give accurate readings. However, most devices differ in the features they offer. Here are several factors to consider when choosing the right glucose monitoring device for your home:

User interface

Are the glucose monitor and the health accessories that come with it easy to hold? How much blood do you need to draw for accurate readings? Is the display large enough to show readable digits? One must consider the ease of use before buying a glucose monitoring device online.

Special features

The special features of a blood glucose monitor include illuminated displays, blood test strips, audio, and easy-to-use buttons.

Information retrieval and storage

Consider how the blood glucose meter retrieves and stores information. Some devices have a built-in feature to share real-time results with your doctor. Others store the date and time of the tests so that your doctor can get on board easily.


The blood glucose monitors in Pakistan vary in price. The buyers usually add the price of the blood test strips as they represent the long-term cost of the glucose monitoring kit.

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