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Buy the best hair straightener in Pakistan – Dyson Corrale review

Dyson is a pioneer in the hairstyling industry. The brand is popular for releasing the best hair dryers, and curling irons. Explore Tejar.pk and be open to a whole world of hair care accessories.

The problem with heat treatment is that it causes damage to your hair. The straightener plates expose your hair to the heat that causes breakage and split ends. However, the company conceives Corrale as a straightener that minimizes damage while retaining a healthy look throughout the day.

So, the big question is: Will Dyson Corrale make an impact on your hair? Let’s find out with Tejar.pk!

Appearance and design

The Corrale by Dyson is twice as heavy as other straighteners. The extra weight of the device is due to the lithium-ion battery. Although it would seem chunky at first, you’d get used to working around it. But the weight and its comfortable design represent the quality build. With plenty of features and specifications, the Corrale is beautifully engineered by the industry leaders.

In terms of price, it is regarded as a high-end hair straightener in Pakistan. You get to enjoy the multiple charging options. Plug the cable and use it directly on power. Otherwise, Dyson gives you the option to charge it for 70 minutes and use the straightener without the cord.

A cordless straightener is a lifesaver for many people who enjoy the freedom to move freely around the styling station. If you’re attempting a complicated hairstyle with curls, we suggest charging the battery to 100%. Otherwise, you would have to plug in the cord and stand near the electrical socket.

When it comes to controlling, you’d find two temperature buttons and a power button. You can toggle between the two buttons to choose the temperature. The power button displays the battery life and the temperature on the OLED screen.

By default, the hair straightener shows the temperature readings in Celsius. However, you can long-press the power and ‘+’ buttons to change the unit to Fahrenheit. Moreover, you can set the temperature to 210, 185, and 165 degrees Celsius.

If you have ever used a hair straightener, you must know that 185 degrees Celsius is considered a sweet temperature to make hairstyles. In fact, you get the maximum voluminous effect without damaging the hair.

The power button illuminates and acts as a visual warning if the temperature is pre-heated. The Corrale is efficient because it heats to a fixed temperature within seconds. If you’re traveling, better lock the plates using the slider beside the power button.


The Corrale is incorporated with floating plates so the hair strands can come in full contact with the heat. In addition, the magnesium copper alloy allows quick hair smoothening that lasts for more than a day.

Buy Dyson Corrale online in Pakistan

Dyson Corrale is a high-end hair straightener and has all the features you could possibly want in a good styling iron.