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Buy Wellness Tracker from Tejar.pk to Monitor Your Health

If you look around, almost everyone has a fitness tracker or a smartwatch to make the most of modern technology. Watches are not longer limited to a single functionality. Now, you can attend calls, see notifications, and even track your fitness using a smartwatch. Similar to this gadget is a wellness tracker to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

A wellness tracker smart watch has the capability to track your sleeping patterns, heart rate, calories burnt, etc. One added benefit of using a wellness tracker is that you can share the results of basic health screenings with your doctor.

What Are the Health Features of a Wellness Tracker?

Depending upon the model and series, your wellness tracker can offer a wide range of features to monitor your health status. Here are some features to consider when buying a wellness tracker:

Electrocardiogram (EGG)

The electrocardiogram feature records your heart’s electrical signals. If you have an abnormal heart rhythm, your wellness tracker would be able to detect it and send an alert to your doctor. The smartwatches equipped with an ECG feature can detect a stroke by monitoring the arterial fibrillation. However, they are not advanced enough to detect a heart stroke. For that, you can always contact your doctor for medical attention.

Sleep Tracking

Many wellness trackers have the feature to monitor your sleep patterns. The advanced models can also monitor your brain activity and identify if you are getting the right amount of sleep or not. This way, you would be able to consume the right amount of nutrients and skip fatty foods.

Calorie Counter and Activity Tracker

The activity tracker estimates the calories you burn throughout your workout regime. Some activity trackers count your steps walked throughout the day. If you want a gadget to track your workout activities only, you might benefit more from fitness trackers.

Check out the latest models of fitness trackers by industry leaders like Garmin and Fitbit on Tejar.pk. They use your basal metabolic rate, weight, age, sex, body type, and other personal stats to measure the accurate number of calories burned.

Diet Tracker

New wellness trackers are surfacing in the market that are capable of monitoring what you eat throughout the day. You get real insights of the macro- and micro-nutrients you are eating. In addition, you could configure the settings of your wellness tracker to meet the optimal levels of the nutrients required for your body type. ss

Blood Oxygen Levels

The oximeters measure the oxygen saturation in the blood using your pulse rate. These devices were at the forefront during the pandemic. After the era of deadly coronavirus, many companies such as Garmin have incorporated a feature in their fitness watches that monitor your blood oxygen levels.

Any wellness tracker that encourages you to get back on track and work on your optimal health is worth the price. Having insights into your physical health leads to improving the overall quality of your life.