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The nail enhancement techniques are a savior for women with brittle or short nails. Nail tips and nail forms are two of the most common methods to make your hands attractive instantly. Whether you are a nail artist or looking for a nail extension pack for one time application, you have landed at the right place.

What Are Nail Tips?

The long nail tips are generally artificial nails made of plastic and stick to your original nails with the help of the glue. While some nail tips cover the nail bed partially, others stick to the entire nail plate.

How Do You Use Nail Tips?

Before the application of nail tips with gel polish, you have to select the right type that fits perfectly on your nail bed and compliments your outfit. You can select from well-less tips, partial tips and full well tips.

It is recommended to cut, trim, file and buff the long nail tips according to the real ones so they can stick properly for a longer period. If the tips are not glued properly, it can cause damage to your real nails.

Types of Nail Tips Available Online

There are two main types of nail tips available online:

Partial Coverage Tips

The partial coverage tips, also known as half tips are glued on the edges to enhance the length of your real nails.

Full Coverage Tips

The full coverage nail tips with gel polish are quite similar to press nails. However, they have to be filed at home or by a nail technician to stick properly.

Pros of Using Nail Tips

The long nail tips are super easy to apply and are available in different styles such as almond, square, stiletto, etc.

The long tips help you create beautiful nail sets with much ease and confidence. Buy your favorite set from and fall in love with your new nails.