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Enhance your look with different types of nail paint

Switch up the entire look with your favorite nail colors. The nail paints are the only makeup accessories that double up as fashion and statement products to enhance your look. Whether you’re going for a red glitter color or a nude lacquer with a vibrant lipstick, the nail paints say a lot about your mood and style.

The overabundance of nail paints in the market with different textures, formulas, and finishes suits every style and taste. But keeping up with the new releases from your favorite makeup brands can get quite confusing and overwhelming.

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Checking out your favorite nail paints at a brick-and-mortar store takes hours. Visit and find all types of high-end nail paints, brushes, and makeup sets.

Pick from the following types of nail lacquers and enhance your look in a single stroke:

Basic nail colors

You’ve been using basic nail paints ever since you started wearing makeup. The regular nail polishes have luscious, smooth, and glossy formulas. During the application of regular nail paints, the base coat is followed by two coats and a topcoat to prevent chipping in the first week.

If you have weak nails, we suggest buying a good strengthener from us. It will delay chipping and save your nails from breakage.

Matte nail paints

The matte nail polish sets in Pakistan are quite similar to their regular counterparts but they have no luster. Despite having a higher price than regular nail lacquers, they chip faster. Many makeup enthusiasts skip the base coat for a longer-lasting color effect.

If you don’t want to invest in matte nail paints, you can simply buy gel nail paints from and apply a matte topcoat. As they are trickier to apply on nails, we suggest using petroleum jelly around the nail bed.

Glitter nail polishes

The glitter nail polishes last longer than regular ones and are great for the wedding season. If you want to achieve the chunky glitter look, apply three coats and wait for the paint to dry. You can dab the brush’s tip to add more glitter to the nail bed.

Gel nail paints

For a fraction of the cost, you can apply gel nail color and save the cost of a salon appointment. Skip the base coats and head straight to the gel polish that requires no UV light. Invest in a white gel if you like wearing bright colors on your nails.

Now that you’re fluent in all types of nail colors in the world of makeup, pick your favorite ones from and use the pop of color to show off your personality traits.