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Top product picks – From gloss to matte lipsticks

Every woman loves to hoard lipsticks and has her signature hue, be it an understated nude lacquer or a high-glamour red gloss. Navigating the right type of lip makeup goes way beyond finding your ideal shade for lips.

Understanding the various textures is substantial to wearing your favorite color with confidence. From NYX cream lip liners to Urban Decay plump glosses, you can choose your favorite type and nail your style.

Sheer lipstick

The classic sheer lipsticks are great for wearing every day to work, university, or college. As the oil content is higher in the formula, sheer lipsticks are less likely to dry out. However, it also means you have to reapply your favorite color twice or thrice a day. As they offer a subtle shine on the lips, they go with all nighttime as well as daytime looks.

Lip creams

The cream formulas come in the same packaging as that lip glosses. If you want a hint of shine with a long-lasting formula, the lip creams by NYX might be the perfect solution for you. As they have a higher content of wax in the formula, they stay on the lips for as long as 24 hours.

Most lip creams contain healthy ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E. The nourishing formula goes with weekend outings as well as professional wear.

Gloss lipsticks

No type, by any brand, was made as eye-catching as gloss lipsticks. Wearing a lip gloss is a throwback trend but it accentuates your lips during the warm months. As wearing highly-pigmented formulas in the daytime seems inappropriate, you can wear a light shade of lip gloss and enjoy a youthful glow on your face.

If you don’t mind well-deserved attention at the parties, go for a lustrous lip gloss over a matte lipstick. Match the color with your nail paint and leave people in awe.

Matte lipsticks

On the opposite spectrum of glosses are matte lipsticks. The shine-free formula looks even and conveys a smooth texture. Whether you’re going to the art museum or a water park, a matte lipstick would do justice to your beautiful, plump lips.


As opposed to other formulations, stains and lipstick tints are all about color. You can wear them to work and then head straight to a dinner party but it won’t smudge. The lip stains give off a vibrant color and are low-maintenance. You could either pick a soft nude color or a deeper hue in tints available at

Still, ended up confused? Complete your makeup set with NYX lip creams; our running items to create subtle as well as glamorous looks.