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Lip gloss vs. lipstick – Which one should you use?

It is a perennial decision for ladies to choose between lipsticks and lip glosses. Lip cosmetics are consistent mainstay products in the market. And, why should not they be? At a relatively low price point, lip glosses and lipsticks available in Pakistan perk up your complexion and increase your confidence dramatically. Many devotees and makeup enthusiasts claim that a good color on your lips elevates your mood as well.

Which lip product is the best for you? – Lip gloss vs. lipstick

As an e-commerce platform that focuses on high-quality products, we know the pros and cons of both lip liners. Whether you’re a novice or a makeup expert, promises to bring imported high-end lip glosses, lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, concealers, brushes, and other accessories.


The finish of a lip gloss is defined by the glossy and shimmery effect it creates. Some lip glosses are silky and light while others have a gooey consistency. From highly-reflective lip glosses to liquid liners with a subtle shine, you can find all the trending products at


The pigmentation is the color intensity of the lip product. A lipstick with a low pigmentation will have a faint look on the lips while a highly-pigmented product will look vibrant. The frosted, sheer, and satin lipsticks have low pigmentation while matte, stain, semi-matte, and stain lipsticks are highly pigmented.

On the other hand, lip glosses have a subtle pigmentation to add dimension and color to your lips. The waterproof glosses create an opaque look on your lips.


Lipsticks complement all types of makeup looks. Whether you are using a high-coverage foundation or a BB cream, they can create any look you please. The statement lipsticks always create a dramatic look while glosses put a healthy shine on your lips.


The application is one of the biggest factors that make or break a lip product. The lipsticks only look flawless when you prep your lips with a moisturizer or an exfoliator. On the contrary, lip glosses do not need a lot of preparation before application. The moisture within the product conceals the dry and cracked lips.

Now, you can confidently add your favorite lip glosses to the cart on and create your favorite makeup look!