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Choose the right highlighter for your skin tone

Don’t we all want our cheekbones and nose to stand out? There’s no denying that the highlighters have dominated the makeup industry over the past few years. This year-round staple is one of the best makeup accessories to get glowing and radiant skin. As of now, it is as essential as mascara and lipstick. With never-ending shimmery highlighters out there, which one is right for your skin tone?

Tejar.pk has rounded up the best-selling highlighters for fair, medium, and dark skin tones. Choose the right highlighter for your skin tone online with the tips mentioned below:

Highlighter for fair skin tone

If you have a fair to pale skin tone, you can opt for silver tones. The highlight palette with icy silver, pearlescent, and champagne shades comes with a high price tag but is perfect for women with light skin tones in Pakistan. These shades contain light pigments to add just the right radiance to your fair complexion.

Keep away from copper tones, bronze shades, warm-toned options, and highlighters with red undertones. The cooler tones will accentuate your complexion while giving a subtle shine to your face.

Highlighter for olive and medium skin tone

Tired of frosty skin? It is quite difficult to find the right highlighter makeup in Pakistan for olive/medium skin tone. Some are highly pigmented while others are too shimmery. Moreover, one can’t overlook the price factor, especially if you’re on a budget. The gold-bronze highlighters pair way too well with warmer skin tones.

They have just the right shimmer to give you an instant sun-kissed glow. The highlighters give you a sudden personality boost that matches just right with your complexion. The golden undertones are easily blendable and complement olive and warm skin tones a lot.

Highlighter for dark skin tone

The rich variations of bronze and rose gold highlighters pair really well with deep skin tones. Steer clear of opalescent and frosty shades. Instead, look for pigmented highlighters so your skin can look lit from within. The warm hues prevent your skin from appearing dull. It is best to opt for a liquid formula so you can blend it easily for a subtle sheen.

You can get surreal beauty and achieve an unearthly glow with the right highlighter for your skin tone!