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Find the perfect foundation shade at – What should you consider first?

With a plethora of coverage levels, shades, and finishes, a foundation is just as hard to choose as other makeup products. It is one of the toughest makeup products to pick. Despite having an extensive range, lipsticks are easy to choose because you know which shade suits your appearance instantly. But when it comes to picking a foundation, you need to consider the one matching your skin tone.

Shopping from a brick-and-mortar store is not feasible anymore. They have mirrors smaller than our hands and inadequate lights for swatching.

Get the perfect foundation shade at

Whether you’re buying skin prepping products like primers, face masks, and moisturizers or eye products like mascaras, and eyeliners, thorough research is necessary before making a purchase. Here’s what you should consider when choosing a foundation:

Find the exact tone/shade

The foundation oxidizes with time. Therefore, it would get darker when mixed with oil and dirt on your face. All the swatching on your hands will go in vain. The best solution is to test the foundation shade on your face. If you have a lighter neck, it is best to go for a lighter shade for an even skin tone. Moreover, always test the shades under natural lighting.

Consider the undertones

Unless you apply a color corrector underneath the foundation, you’d have to consider the undertones of your skin as well. If you have a fair complexion, go with the base having pink undertones. If you have a dark complexion, go with the foundation having yellow undertones.

Coverage level

If you are not a makeup enthusiast, a high-coverage foundation would feel heavy on your face. Therefore, understanding the coverage your skin needs is key to picking the right shade. Go for a sheer foundation for daily application and a full-coverage base if you have acne or discoloration.

Take the help of virtual try-on tools

If you are searching for the best makeup foundation online, a virtual try-on tool would definitely help you choose the right shade in Pakistan with prices. A number of brands like NYX and Chanel have created their own tools so customers can buy the products conveniently.

A good foundation hydrates your skin, gives a dewy finish and hides imperfections from your face. has a drugstore as well as high-end foundations to create your favorite makeup look.