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Buy face powders for all skin types at Tejar.pk

A face powder is a great fixture product in every makeup artist’s life. However, it becomes an increasingly complicated item to buy when you’re standing in front of the aisle with various types. The majority of people refer to face powders as one product. But in reality, there are various types that fall under a big umbrella.

They are sold in makeup sets as well as separately. Let’s start with why it is as popular as a foundation among the top MUAs in the world.

What is face powder?

You apply face powder to set the BB cream or your foundation. You would find a variety of finishes online – some give you a chiseled contoured look while others add glow to your skin.

Is there a difference between setting and finishing powders?

Many makeup artists in the making slip up the difference between finishing and setting powders. A finishing powder blurs blemishes, acne spots, texture, and bumpy skin. On the other hand, a setting powder works to keep the fresh foundation look on your skin.

Keep moving forward to explore all types of face powder available at Tejar.pk for all skin types:

Translucent face powder

Translucent powder is a forever favorite of many beauty gurus across the globe. It comes in two forms: loose and pressed. The main purpose of the translucent powder is to mattify the oily look after the application of concealer and foundation.

You can also do the ‘bake’ technique with the translucent powder to hide blemishes and undertones. Beauty bloggers use translucent powder for extra refinement. They brush off the residue in the end for a popping look.

Finishing face powder

Conceal the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, and pores with the finishing face powder. It has heavy pigments to enhance your skin complexion instantly.

Loose powder

The loose face powders in Pakistan are comparatively cheaper in price and can be used for baking as well as finishing. However, you need a big blush brush to shake off the excess powder on your face.

Compact face powder

The pressed compact face powder has everything to do with the skin’s texture. As it is in pressed form, it can be a great travel makeup accessory. Look for a pigmented face powder so it conceals your uneven skin tone, dark spots, and blemishes.

Mineral face powder

If you are considering makeup with fewer chemicals, go for a mineral face powder. The added vitamins in the mineral powder give a plethora of skin benefits. They are used in place of foundations. However, it is hard to get the full-coverage look for relatively long hours.

So, that’s about it: All the types of face powder you can experiment with. Tejar.pk offers high-end compact, mineral, finishing, and translucent face powders from big brands like NYX, Morphe, NARS, and L.A Girl, etc.