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Quick tips to buy the best glow product for your skin

If there’s one makeup trend we know, it is that glowing makeup products aren’t going anywhere. From catwalks and red carpets to influencers’ reels, we see one thing common among all MUAs: Envy-inducing glowing skin!

Do you also have the urge to recreate the glowing look you keep fantasizing over, on Instagram? Getting the glow is easy if you have the right highlighter, serum, and primer in your makeup set.

The secret to achieving glowing and dewy skin is to avoid matte foundations and blushes. Stick to gel and cream-based formulas rather than investing in powders. A glowing skin gives a fresh and hydrating look, even when you are not wearing makeup.

Check out a few quick tips to buy the best products for face glow from Tejar.pk:

Consider your skin type

Before you go on a shopping spree online, consider your skin type. If you have dry and patchy skin, do not buy glow products that contain alcohol. This ingredient has the tendency to produce more dryness on your skin. Instead, go for moisturizing and hydrating settings sprays and primers. Similarly, choose face masks that have hyaluronic acid in abundance.

If you have a combination of oily skin, go for the best oil-free products for face glow. The water-based products are great for giving a subtle glow to people with oily skin.

If you have aging skin, a setting spray with hydrating properties will keep the fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Keep the weather in mind

You need to consider the weather and season to buy the right glow products for your skin. During hot summer days with peak humidity, your makeup tends to melt or smear off faster. Therefore, you should opt for sweat-resistant makeup products.

On the other hand, the winter season leaves the skin dry. To protect the skin against dry and harsh air, opt for a hydrating setting spray to lock in moisture.

Use glow products with SPF

It is nice to wear a protective product while keeping the glow on your skin. Look for glow products with SPF to protect your skin from the negative effects of sunlight.

Nothing can replace the glowing and dewy look that you get from a hydrating setting spray. It is used in the last step of your makeup routine to achieve a flawless and airbrushed look for hours to come.