Eye Liners products Price in Pakistan

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Transform your beautiful eyes with liners from Tejar.pk

Eyeliner is one of the elementary makeup accessories with an astounding effect. Back before, the mascaras and eye liners were taken for granted but not anymore. The makeup industry is bursting with various types of eye liners for young and old women, both. Each type employs a different look and refreshes your makeup with one stroke.

Tejar.pk is a haven for women wanting to purchase original makeup sets or individual accessories like lip liners, eye liners, lipsticks, face powders, primers, etc.

Let’s move forward with the type of eyeliners you can get online. As a bonus, we would also guide you on how to use each type of eye liner properly.

Pencil eyeliner

The eye pencil is a cross between the kohl eyeliner and kajal. It is ideal for tight-lining if you are going for a smoky look. The sharp tip of the pencil eyeliner is specifically designed for the waterline. Apply thin and fine lines on your lids to create the cat-eye look you loved since childhood.

For added darkness, you can trace the eyeliner along the lashes and smudge it gently using your fingers. The small dashes, though invisible from a distance, are used to create a natural look for the office, college, or high school.

Gel eyeliner

The gel eyeliner comes in a container with one or two brushes included in the pack. As they are waterproof, your smoky eye makeup will stay put for long hours. As the formula is a gel, it is easy to remove and smudge for a natural look.

With a precise brush and creamy formula, you are sure to get the winged eyeliner for the event you’re preparing for.

Liquid eyeliner

The liquid eyeliner has the highest price in Pakistan due to its waterproof formula and easy application. Create flicking and swooping clean lines with liquid eyeliners. They have fine tips like markers and do not require a brush for application.

They come in a variety of finishes and colors to create dramatic red-carpet makeup looks. Removing it off your eyes is slightly difficult. We suggest using micellar water for easy removal of the eyeliner residue.

Felt tip eyeliner

The felt tip eyeliner is long-lasting and dries out quickly, as opposed to the liquid eyeliner. Depending on how you hold the liner, you can draw thick and thin lines to create the graphic block liner look!

Now that you know about different types of eyeliners and the effect they have on your eyes, pick wisely to get the desired look.