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Fake eyelashes: Everything to know before you buy them online

From applicators and glues to strips and minx lashes, the world of lash extensions can be a bit intimidating for every makeup artist in the making. If you want to try fake eyelashes and give an oomph to your makeup look, Tejar.pk has you covered. From singles to full glam lashes, you can find your favorite pair and enhance your appearance instantly.

Buy strip eyelashes for instant volume

The strip eyelashes are the most readily available false extensions. The faux lashes are laid on a horizontal band. During the application, the band is placed across the entire lash line for a voluminous look.

The strip lashes at Tejar.pk are available in different lengths and styles. Although they are great for novice makeup artists and give instant volume, you need consistent practice to master applying them correctly. With the strip lashes in your makeup set, you can accentuate your outer corners or go winged with a bit of eyeliner.

Individual/single lashes for a subtle boost

The lashes are pre-attached onto small bands. Each band included in the set includes 30 to 60 strands of synthetic hair. If you have sparse eyelashes with little to no curl, then individual lashes set is what you need to add fullness. One advantage of buying single lashes is that they blend in with natural ones. Hence, giving a subtle look and a desirable finish.

Cluster eyelashes for an accentuated bold look

Cluster eyelashes lie somewhere between the strip and single false extensions. The band contains more hair than their individual counterparts but the length is shorter than that of the strip lashes. If you don’t want to appear dramatic, cluster eyelashes from Tejar.pk would be a great addition to your makeup accessories. They give a bold look and accentuate the eyes by lifting the natural hair from both ends.

You can choose between full flutter or multi-layered cluster lashes from our collection if you want a denser look. Use nude lipsticks with bold eye makeup to stay on top of the fashion trends.

Magnetic eyelashes for regular use

Although they haven’t been around for a long time like mascaras, they have taken over the makeup industry by storm. They are reusable and do not need glue application at all. The micro magnets within the eyelashes are strong enough to hold the synthetic hair in place for hours.

However, the magnetic eyelash extensions in Pakistan are accompanied by a high price, particularly because they are not readily available in the market.

Now that you know the ins and outs of the main types of fake eyelashes, start your online shopping in full swing. Regardless of the look you want, the fake lashes are guaranteed to provide an amazing transformation.