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Essential makeup brushes for beginners are available at

Every skilled and professional makeup artist has a set of makeup brushes at her disposal. Buying high-end makeup brushes in Pakistan is the key to smooth makeup application and is worth any price. The even makeup on your face creates an airbrushed look, perfect for parties, formal events, or just a night out with your friends.

If you are a beginner or on your way to becoming a successful makeup artist, you need the following brushes:

Foundation brush

After primer, which you can easily apply to your skin with your hands, you need a foundation brush for flawless-looking skin. The flat ones are used to apply foundations having creamy formulas. You’d also find a wide range of stripling and angled brushes at to blend your foundation perfectly. If you are using a high-coverage foundation, we suggest going for a dense brush with synthetic bristles for smooth application.

Powder brush

The brush you choose depends on the type of compact powder you’re using. Are you using a setting powder or a translucent powder? If you are not looking to gain coverage, it is best to buy a soft powder brush. The fluffy bristles will prevent the white cast and mattifying effect on your face.

Blush brush

A blush brush is a lot smaller than a powder and has super long yet soft bristles. As this brush is used in sweeping motions, the long bristles help to even out the blush on your cheeks. You could also apply any glow product or a highlighter on your face using a blush brush.

Contour brush

The contouring brushes are intimidating to buy but the right one will make a huge impact on your blending routine. The angled contour brushes with dense bristles allow you to blend more product on your face. Thus, highlighting your prominent facial features.

Angled eyeliner brush

There are quite a few types of eyeliner brushes available at But a beginner should always opt for a fine and slim brush to create precise lines. The bent eyeliner brush has an ergonomic design and is specifically created for people who take winged eye makeup as a challenge.

Double-ended brow brush

An angled brush is best to apply any kind of product, such as wax, pomades, and powders on your eyebrows. The spoolie on one end ensures a polished finish and grooms your eyebrows for a clean look. The other end has a sharp pencil brush which you can use to create a cut crease look.

Picking the right makeup brush set in Pakistan is a hard puzzle to solve but totally worth the trouble. The price, however, varies according to the number of brushes in the set. They are also considered economical because you get 8 to 24 brushes in a single set.