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What to look for when buying play yards for babies?

The bouncers are undeniably one of the best items in the first few weeks of your baby’s birth. But like every baby, your little one will grow out of it in no time. A play yard is a perfect accessory for babies who want to explore the world and play around.

A play yard is an enclosed mesh mat that gives your baby an adequate space to play safely. Back in the era, they were known as playpens. Now, these playpens come with additional accessories so your baby can have the best time of his life.

When should you buy a play yard for your baby?

Play yards for babies are safe to keep them out of trouble. It is comforting to know that your baby won’t crawl to the stairs that you haven’t bought gates for. The babies love them because they can sit up, roll, and stand there without the risk of falling.

Some play yards for babies also double as a portable high chair, crib, or bassinet for travel. They are lightweight and easy to carry around. Take it to his grandparents’ house or at the park to create a safe play space for your baby.

Guidelines to consider when buying a play yard from

When picking a play yard, keep the following guidelines in mind for a hassle-free shopping experience:

Look for the newest model

A used play yard compromises the safety of your baby. The old models of the playpens form a V-shaped space that could strangle and trap the baby. Moreover, the rails could collapse and fall at the hinges, putting his life at risk.

Keep away from garage-sale bargains and buy the newest model of play yard from

Keep safety in mind

Ensure that the play yard you buy meets all the safety guidelines. Look for latching devices or secure locking on both end panels. Moreover, the holes in the enclosed mesh should not be larger than ¼ inch. Otherwise, a safe playing mat could become a dangerous place for your child.

Set up the play yard in a safe area

Make sure that the space where you are setting up the play yard is away from electrical wiring, power outlets, and window blinds.

Consider the snooze rules

Never let go of the snooze rules after buying a play yard from For instance, do not put your baby to sleep in a playpen full of toys. Never leave other baby care accessories unattended and make sure that the mattress fits the entire mat to prevent suffocation hazards. has high-end play yards for babies that are equipped with great features, such as a detachable bassinet, rocking attachment, storage space to keep toys, and speakers for music. As the playpens come at an affordable price, you don’t have to compromise between the entertainment features and your child’s safety. Just add your favorite playpen to the cart and create a safe place for your baby to play for hours.