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Best baby monitor to buy in Pakistan

An infant needs constant attention from the caretaker. While you can’t be with the newborn every second of the day, you can install a baby monitor in the room. The baby monitors were invented for one purpose only: To keep an eye on your child.

What started as audio-only devices are now video cameras with added specifications and features. Although the tech market in Pakistan is saturated with great baby monitors, one has to consider the features besides the price, for the safety of the infant.

Is it necessary to buy a baby monitor?

If you live in a small condo or in the same room as your child, you probably don’t need a baby monitor. Just asleep soother and your little one is down to sleep. But if you have a nursery for the little one, it is best to buy a baby monitor and keep a check on him without leaving your room.

The baby monitors also double as nanny cams to keep an eye on the caretaker while you’re away to purchase baby care accessories, such as a bathing tub or a breast pump.

What type of baby monitoring camera is the best at

The best type of baby monitoring camera is the one having great features and provides comfort to the parents. has three types of baby monitoring cams available for parents in Pakistan:

Baby movement monitors

Apart from tracking the baby’s movement in the crib, this monitor also keeps a record of the room temperature, oxygen saturation, breathing, and heart rate.

Video cameras

Want to keep an eye on every move of your newborn? Buy the video baby monitor from Some require Wi-Fi to operate while others are hybrid.

Audio baby monitors

The audio baby monitors lack the video feature and only allow you to hear the infant’s voice.

What features are necessary for a baby monitor?

Keep moving forward to read the quick breakdown of specifications and features that are necessary for a baby monitor:

Display size and quality

Some baby monitors have smaller screens but allow you to keep a watch using the application. Others have a bigger display size with high resolution.

Monitoring range

How far is the nursery from your room? If you have multiple floors or live in a house with thick concrete walls, we suggest buying a Wi-Fi-enabled baby monitor. If not, make sure that the wired network is fast enough to send you notifications right away.

Two-way communication

The two-way communication feature lets you talk with your baby or the nanny while you’re away. That being said, you could put your baby to sleep without leaving your bed.

Wireless module

The wireless encryption module allows you to tap into the feed and see what’s happening in the house. The Wi-Fi-enabled devices provide good range and portability but are susceptible to security breaches.

The baby monitors work great across your home without breaking the bank. Have complete peace of mind with the best baby monitoring devices available at