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Accessories You Must Buy For 3D Drawing

3D drawing is one of the commonly used techniques used by architects, civil engineers, and artists to work on big projects. Just a few years ago, you could not think of a drawing pen that could be lifted off the paper and draw a three-dimensional object? Well now, you can!

If you want to take your child’s drawing skills to the next level, consider buying 3d magic led drawing pen and sketch pads to change the game once and for all.

A 3D drawing pen resembles a conventional pen but has unlimited possibilities to draw all kinds of three-dimensional figures on air. The drawing pens by 3Doodler use a unique technology that melts the plastic filament and extrudes the compound to make a 3D figure.

The 3D drawing accessories has no artistic limitations. Therefore, your kid can use all the imagination on his creations and unleash the artist in him. To draw amazing 3D figures, your kid needs the following accessories:

Project Book

3D doodling can be a bit hard for a novice because it does not follow the same patterns and rules as 2D drawing. One way to improve your 3D doodling is to invest in a project book. The enthusiasts can take their drawing skills to the next level with the 3D project book.

The 3D project book includes everything – from step-by-step instructions to stencils that you can enlarge and photocopy. Drawing with 3D pens is complicated at first but you can master the skill if you have the right instruction project book by your side.

Pen Stand

Having the right 3D pen stand on the table is quite essential. Most of the 3D doodling project takes hours and you’d be taking breaks in between. A stand is a perfect compartment to store the pens, plastic filaments, and strands.

In addition, the 3D stands have special buttons to manipulate the speed of your drawing pens. A gentle press and you would be able to create clean and flat 3D doodles.

3D Highlights

The professional 3D artists prefer using different colors and highlights for their creations. To avoid the frustration of not having ABS filament when you need it the most, keep an extra pack in your accessories.

To maximize the 3D doodling experience for your kid, scroll up and get your hands on the best doodling pens, 3D project book, and other accessories.