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Buy A Portable Sterilizer for Germ-free Pacifiers on the Go

With increasing concerns over the children’s exposure to viruses, bacteria and germs, the parents want an effective yet easy solution to protect them from resulting sickness.

To keep the children healthy and away from sickness, the parents frequently sterilize their feeders, toys, pacifiers and other items. However, sterilization takes time and is a hassle for most parents. Here is where Munchkin’s portable sterilizer comes in to sanitize pacifiers on the go.

Portable Pacifier Sterilizer by Munchkin

The revolutionary portable sterilizer by Munchkin utilizes UV light to eliminate more than 99% of the germs and bacteria from the pacifier in less than a minute. The device has been tested by independent laboratories to ensure that it works effectively against the viruses, bacteria and germs on the baby items.

How Does UV Light in Portable Sterilizer Work to Kill Germs and Bacteria?

The UV Light in the portable sterilizer breaks down germs and bacteria at the molecular level to clean the pacifier. Therefore, you can sanitize the baby items without the harsh use of water and heat chemicals.

Features of Munchkin 59S Portable Pacifier

The following features of the portable pacifier makes sanitizing the pacifier practical on the go:

Kills Bacteria in 59 Seconds

The UV Light in the sterilizer effectively neutralizes the odor and kills 99.99% of the household germs, bacteria and viruses off the surface in less than a minute.

Best UV Technology

Munchkin Sterilizer uses hospital grade, 4-gold plated LED UV-C technology that can be utilized for more than 3000 hours.

Compact and Portable Design

The compact design of the Sterilizer makes it easy to carry around. The strap included in the box lets you attach the sterilizer to the diaper bag, purse, stroller, car seat, etc. In addition, the transparent base lets you see the teether or the pacifier being sterilized.

Long-Lasting Battery

The lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows you to sanitize the pacifier up to 100 times.

While there are numerous baby cleaning products available online, the portable sterilizer by Munchkin keeps your baby’s pacifier germ- and bacteria-free on the go.