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Manual vs. electric breast pumps for mothers: Choose what’s best for you

Picking the best breast pump can be as exhausting as experiencing motherhood for the first time. The parents are already caught up in purchasing different baby care accessories. Therefore, a hunt for a new item can be daunting and overwhelming.

Breastfeeding is a bumpy journey for all new mothers. With countless models and brands, you might not know what to look for in a breast pump. The best place to pick essentials such as the baby monitor, breast pump, bathing tub, and your baby’s sleeping soother is online. is your one-stop online store to shop for everything that will best suit your baby’s needs and lifestyle. We have high-quality electric and manual breasts pumps that are built to cater to all moms out there.

Electric vs. manual breast pump – What’s the difference?

As the name suggests, a manual breast pump is hand-operated and works without electricity. It is used on one breast at a time because the other hand is used to create suction via the lever. The price of a manual breast pump in Pakistan is way less than its electric counterpart. Furthermore, the design is compact and light as it lacks electrical wiring.

In comparison, electric breasts pumps are operated through a battery or a power socket. has electric models that can be used for single as well as double milk pumping. All you have to do is place the cups over your breasts and the electric device will create painless suction. The electric breast pump in Pakistan is worth the price for women who need to express themselves on a regular basis. However, both types are efficient when it comes to milk pumping.

The advantages of using electric breast pumps

If you are a working lady who has just returned to work, an electric pump can be an essential tool to keep your baby full at home. Here are some advantages of using electric breast pumps:

Fast and powerful suction

A high-end electric breast pump offers hospital-grade suction to collect more milk in less time. Moreover, you can put the pump on high-speed mode if you are late for work.

Boost milk production

If you are looking to boost the supply, there’s nothing better than using an electric pump. It boosts milk production by providing extra stimulation. For efficient pumping, look for a model that offers different massage modes and hospital-grade suction.

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