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Buy the Best Bathtub for Your Baby Online

Baby bathtubs are durable, made of lightweight plastic and are small enough to place anywhere; be it inside the bathtub or over the sink. A basic bath tub for a new born baby should have rounded edges and must cradle your baby to ensure safety at all times.

When buying a bath tub in Pakistan with a reasonable price, you would come across many options online. However, not all bathtubs are safe for your baby.

Here is what you need to look for when buying a bath tub for an infant:

Drain with An Attached Plug

A drain with an attached plug makes it easier to empty the tub. Unplugging the drain is rather easy than tipping the tub filled with water.

Contoured Design with Padded Edges

A contoured design prevents the baby from sliding too much. Ensure that the bath tub has side supports or a crotch post. Thin padding around the edges help to put the baby’s head comfortably while he takes a warm bath.

Temperature Indicator

The high-end bath tubs have a temperature indicator strip that changes color if the water is too cold or hot for the baby. However, the price of baby bath tubs with digital temperature readouts is a bit higher as compared to traditional bath tubs in Pakistan.


A baby bath tub that folds in half is easy to store. If you live in an apartment or a condominium where your bathroom does not have enough space, a foldable plastic bath tub comes in very handy.

Back Hook/Handle

Some models have a hook or handle at the back to store the bath tub when not in use. If you have a foldable bath tub, you can simply hang it and store after it dries.

Nonskid Surface with Overhanging Rim

The nonskid surface at the bottom of the bathtub prevents the baby from sliding while the overhanging rim prevents your baby’s skin from scraping.

Looking for an economical bath tub for your new born baby? has functional yet safe options that will make bathing times a complete joy for your infant.