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Newborn Checklist: Essential baby accessories you should buy now

New parents usually stress over the accessories they have to buy for their newborn baby. To ensure that the baby is comfortable in his new home, the parents go overboard sometimes. Thus, they end up buying all the baby care accessories listed in the registry even when the newborn does not need them.

Hoarding all baby care accessories is only going to make things complicated for you. From clothing necessities to cleaning essentials, such as a bathing tub, a new parent should have a checklist to save money.

From big play yards and car seats to baby monitors and sleep soothers, you’d find all the baby accessories in Pakistan at our store. But, the parents of a newborn should only buy the following essentials online:

Bottle steam sterilizer

Back in the day, mothers used to soak the feeders and others supplies in hot water to disinfect and kill the germs off the surface. But now, we have steam sterilizers to do the same job.

A steam sterilizer uses UV light or steam to disinfect the baby bottles and other supplies. An electric steam sterilizer is better than the one you have to keep in the microwave. This efficient device takes less time to disinfect and is convenient for busy parents.

Baby bottle and food warmer

An electric warmer is more convenient than heating bottles in a bowl full of hot water. The indicator lamp, digital temperature display, and LED are some of the features that help you warm the food and bottles the way you want them.

The majority of warmers are suitable for all types of commercially available baby bottles and come with an automatic switch to turn off the supply once they are warm. Moreover, the lifters allow you to remove the jars easily.

Baby monitor with sound system

The smart sound system and video monitor allow you to keep tabs on your baby while he’s sleeping. It is ideal if you live in a big house or go to work regularly. Depending upon your budget, you could either go for a wearable video monitor or a basic model with an audio system only.

Most of the models now use smartphones as viewing units but you can buy them separately from our online store.

If you have the items listed above, you will be well-prepared to welcome the baby. There are plenty of other baby accessories that you can explore and purchase from the top online store in Pakistan.