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Cricut blades for die-cutting and maker machine

Have you purchased your first die-cutting machine from Are you confused about which plotter cutter blade to use for your next art and craft project? Cricut sells a wide range of cutting blades for art enthusiasts. However, a novice has little to no knowledge about all types of art and craft accessories available online.

Let’s explore all the blades that are compatible with Cricut maker machines as well as Explore air die-cutting devices.

Cricut Deep Cut Blade

Does your next project involve thicker materials? The special deep-cut blade by Cricut is steep and angled to cut through thick materials. That being said, you can work with hard materials such as magnets, cardboard, craft foam, corkboard, chipboard, cardstock, etc.

As the deep-cut blade is not included in the exploring and maker machines, you can purchase it separately at

Cricut Bonded Fabric Blade

Similar to the deep cut blade, the bonded fabric blade by Cricut is compatible with both machines. However, it cuts through the fabric easily with the Explore machine.

The bonded fabric is actually two pieces of cloth joined together. If you are using the Explore machine, we suggest using a stiffener.

Cricut Quickswap Wavy Blade

Brand new in the collection is the Quickswap Wavy Blade by Cricut. Want to create decorative edges on the materials? The Cricut Quickswap creates wavy edges to standard materials such as fabric, cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, and paper.

While purchasing the Quickswap craft tools, do not forget to buy the housing to swap the tips conveniently.

Cricut Quickswap Engraving Tip

Another tip for the Quickswap blade by Cricut is that gives a fabulous performance. As the name suggests, the tip engraves on flat materials such as plastic, acrylic, leather, and sublimated aluminum.

Cricut Quickswap Debossing Tip

This tip is used to create amazing debossed designs on seals, wedding invites, birthday cards, business cards, employee IDs, etc. It is great to be used on basswood, kraft wood, poster board, and foil kraft board. Make sure to buy the vinyl cutter blade holder to swap the tips for your project conveniently.

Cricut knows what its consumers need. Just buy the tips and blades from and store them in the compartment on the left of your Explore machine.